About Routingmill™

Routingmill™, when fitted to your existing router and portable workbench, becomes an extremely versatile milling machine for wood.

The carriage runs on precision linear ball bearings, allowing your router to move between stops on both the X and Y axes whilst allowing you to keep both hands free to control the router.

Make your own spacers and use the provided stops to make repeated cuts on multiple boards with pinpoint accuracy, or use the Template Attachment to quickly make perfect professional quality Mortise & Tenon and Dovetail joints with ease.

To avoid having to spend unnecessary money on new cutters and tools, Routingmill™ is designed to be used with your existing router and will accommodate a wide variety of models with a base plate diameter up to 160mm.


Create perfect dovetail joints in minutes with the Dovetailing template.

Simply attach the dovetailing template and adjust the Routingmill™ and following pin to the required height.

Clamp your wood into position using the existing mechanism of your workbench, and power up your router.

Simply follow the template for a perfect joint every time!

No slips, no mistakes.

Mortise & Tenons

Time after time create tight, solid joints without fault.

Choose the appropriate template for the size of joint you need.

Clamp your wood into place and set the template to the correct length for your application.

Use the quarter-turn stops to limit the Routingmill's™ Y-axis movement to the width of the template.

Power up the router and follow the inside of the template to create the mortise, and the outside to create the tenon.